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How severe are the stages of pleural mesothelioma?

As you worked many hard years in the shipyard, you likely understood that your hard work allowed you to provide for yourself and your family. As a result, you may have appreciated the opportunity to have employment that allowed you to meet this important goal. Because of the loyalty you felt to your profession, you may have felt betrayed when you found out that asbestos exposure has resulted in your developing mesothelioma.

Construction workers face many work-site hazards

Construction workers provide important services to the Pittsburgh community. Without them, new houses would not be built, commercial spaces would not be renovated, and other significant infrastructure projects would be left uncompleted. However, these skilled individuals face many dangers every day when they arrive at their job sites. This post will provide an overview of the hazards that construction workers can encounter and that may cause serious injuries and death to them if an accident occurs.

Workplace accidents hurt Pennsylvania families

Accidents happen everywhere and practically every day. They occur on the roads and highways that Pittsburgh residents drive and they happen in homes, stores and restaurants across the state. Accidents also happen when Pennsylvanians are at their places of work. When on-the-job incidents result in personal injuries and deaths, victims and their families should know and understand that they have legal rights.

Workplace accident kills, injuries many

Two Pennsylvania men have died in a work-related accident in Shady Grove. The victims were employees of Manitowoc Cranes and both suffered blunt force trauma when an incident occurred. A third victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and two additional victims suffered minor injuries to their hands and arms.

A workplace death is a tragedy no family should experience

A job is a necessary part of many Pennsylvanians lives. This is because most people need the income that they earn so that they can pay their bills and keep their families healthy and thriving. While they may prefer to be at home, many individuals cannot get by without their jobs.

A workplace death may be the result of negligence

A job is a source of both income and pride for a Pittsburg resident. As such, individuals pour their hearts and souls into the work that they do so that they can do their best and provide for the ones they love. Many individuals work for decades in careers they enjoy and retire when they are financially able to live out their lives without the regular income of a job.

Construction site accident leaves one worker dead

All across the state new buildings, residential communities, and office parks are popping up. Pennsylvanians may visit towns they have not been to in several years only to find that new structures have appeared and changed the layouts of the communities that they once knew. All of the new growth and expansion can be credited to the hard work of men and women who are employed in the construction field.

Pennsylvania warehouse worker killed in on-the-job accident

It takes many people to efficiently locate, package, send and deliver the millions of Amazon packages that travel across the country each year. In fact, the online mega-site maintains warehouses across the nation so that it may respond to its buyers' needs in the timeliest manner possible. One of those warehouses is located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and just last month a tragedy occurred within the facility.

OSHA reports show variety of causes for worker deaths

A work-related accident can happen to any person who does a job for pay. Office workers, construction workers and workers in all other fields are subject to hazards and dangers whenever they undertake the responsibilities of their work-related tasks. While most Pennsylvania employers take proactive steps to make sure the people who work for them are kept as safe as possible, fatal accidents on worksites still happen, and when they do, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is contacted to complete an investigation.

Work-related accidents can be fatal and devastating to families

According to the Department of Labor, more than 4,800 Americans died in work-related accidents during the 2015 calendar year, and some of those tragic losses occurred right here in Pennsylvania. Although some occupations suffer higher work-related deaths than others, any person can be involved in a fatal incident while performing the duties of his or her job.

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