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A rare but real danger related to asbestos

Pittsburgh is one of the blue-collar capitals of the world. From steel workers to pipe-fitters, railroad workers and shipyard employees, its history is rich in factory employment and manual labor jobs. The problem is those characteristics have also caused Pittsburgh residents and workers to be at risk for asbestos-related illnesses. Asbestos contains microscopic fibers that pose a danger to your health if you breathe them in or ingest them during exposure.

Is asbestos the key ingredient in your child's makeup?

We have all heard the proverb, "all that glitters is not gold," but in the recent case involving pre-teen accessories boutique Claire's Store, all that sparkles might actually be asbestos. In late December there was a recall which led to almost ten items being pulled from the shelves. All of the compromised products were reported to have traces of the fibrous mineral present. From glitter palettes to bedazzled makeup sets, the cosmetics were marketed almost exclusively to young children. Many families had to learn the hard way that just because something is labeled as a product for kids, doesn't mean it is safe.

Another make and model of vehicle affected by Takata airbags

Up until recently thousands of vehicles have been recalled due to defective parts and potentially deadly consequences associated with Takata airbags. All across Pennsylvania vehicle owners have had to take their cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles into their dealerships to have the defective parts removed and replaced with safer options. Just recently another make and model of vehicle has been added to the list of affected automobiles.

Product liability dangers may lurk in holiday gifts

Last year, hoverboards were a hot gift item for kids and adults alike. The appeal of cruising around on a small electric vehicle caused many Pittsburgh residents to include the electronics item on their wish lists. However, in the last 12 months, a number of families have come to discover a potential danger in these popular items: fire risks from defective charging and electrical systems.

Warning defects on products can be dangerous to consumers

Practically every product that a Pittsburgh resident brings home from the store includes somewhere on its packaging or the product itself a label that lists warnings. A product may warn of small parts that could be choking hazards to small children, or it may warn of using the product properly to avoid electrocution if it is powered through a plug. It is a responsibility of product makers to anticipate the ways that their products could pose threats to consumers and if those threats cannot be avoided through changes in the products' designs then the makers must offer warnings of the harm their products may create.

Do I have to prove negligence in a product liability claim?

When a Pennsylvania resident goes to the store and buys a new item off the shelf, he or she expects that the item will work as it should, and that it will not pose any unexpected hazards. However, as readers of this personal injury legal blog know, not every consumer good put out into the stream of commerce is safe. In fact, some consumer products are simply dangerous, and when individuals are harmed by them those victims can turn to product liability law to provide them with a legal basis on which to pursue their losses.

Can an automobile's design defect be responsible for injury?

Car accidents happen every day on Pittsburgh roads. Most accidents are due to a driver's carelessness. In these cases, another person who is injured may be able to hold the negligent driver liable for his or her injuries. However, in some cases, an accident may not be entirely the fault of any driver.

PA product liability case gets second chance at trial

Few lawsuits ever get tried twice. For one Pennsylvania man, he is one the few who gets a second chance at trial after his leg was crushed by a lift table. The man is seeking damages resulting from the injury. He alleged that the table was unsafe due to its lack of warning lights or alarms. A recent case set a new precedent, which has called for its ability to be re-tried.

Gun injury due to defects and product liability

Guns have been a hot topic in the news as the country is nearing the next presidential election. Regardless of which side one may fall on, the right to bear arms is still upheld as a constitutional right. But, the dangers of a gun does not only exist at the end of the barrel. Rather, just like any other product, guns can cause injuries due to some type of product defect. And, the type of law that compensates those injured by defective products, including guns, is called product liability, which is an area of company negligence under Pennsylvania law.

A background on strict liability, product liability claims

Did you know that manufacturers of a product can be held liable for injuries resulting from a defect in their product? This also applies to products that were falsely represented or marketed. While all products in the U.S. and Pennsylvania are held to this standard, some product are held to an even higher level of responsibility. Products that are inherently dangerous are considered strictly liable for any injury or damages to a user.

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