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How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Mesothelioma

When you think that you developed mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos, you may feel powerless. You may have handled asbestos years ago on the job, possibly before there were adequate worker safety rules about handling this known human carcinogen.

Mesothelioma and similar asbestos-related illnesses take years to manifest. You may no longer work at all, let alone for the company that you believe is responsible for your illness. Treatment for mesothelioma is expensive, and you may already live on a fixed income because you retired.

You know that you probably need a lawyer to help you bring a successful claim for your benefit and the protection of your family, but you have no idea how you can pay for an attorney on top of facing the financial hardship that comes with a serious medical diagnosis. How can you pay for a lawyer when you need support with a personal injury lawsuit or similar claim?

Make an agreement on a contingency fee basis

Many lawyers who handle personal injury claims recognize that their clients are at a financial disadvantage. Someone coping with the adverse impact of a company’s neglect may have limited income while struggling with worsening medical symptoms. They may live on a fixed income, which makes the possibility of raising funds to pay for a lawyer seem impossible.

Most people have heard of retainers, which are large payments individuals make to an attorney which go towards legal work. However, retainers aren’t always the go-to for lawyers who help those coping with injuries and medical issues.

Instead of demanding that you pay a retainer that costs thousands of dollars, your lawyer may agree to help you based on the strength of your case. You can hire a lawyer on a contingency fee basis. When they win, a portion of the proceeds will go towards their fees.

This results in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The attorney can take on a case that they know they are likely to win, and the client gets the support of professional representation without needing to borrow money or empty their savings account to pay a retainer.

There are many sources of asbestos compensation

Depending on where you worked and your prognosis, you may have several different options when pursuing compensation related to mesothelioma and workplace asbestos exposure. Having the right legal support makes a noticeable difference for those in need of compensation because of a recent mesothelioma diagnosis.