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Mesothelioma: Review your options for pain relief

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Mesothelioma

No one wants to go back home to a house covered in asbestos. Neither do they want to work in a building full of a material that is known to cause cancer, particularly mesothelioma. Dealing with a lawyer and the courts in Pennsylvania is burdensome but necessary for victims of asbestos use. It’s also important to review pain relief options as part of the recovery process.

Types of pain

Pain is a common symptom for most people suffering with mesothelioma. It occurs when tumors grow and fluids build up in the chest and abdomen, making it more painful and difficult to breathe and digest food. The pain increases when the cancer cells spread to the bones or muscles.

Types of pain relief

The types of treatments to relieve pain include medications, palliative cancer therapies, surgical procedures and at-home pain-management methods. Taking medication is the easiest yet least effective treatment. It is also the least convenient option because it must be taken at regular intervals every day and throughout the day. Doctors treat minor to severe pain using a variety of opioids from codeine to morphine.

Surgery is recommended as the last resort to remove tumors. Getting rid of the pain altogether is possible, but most patients have to learn to manage its symptoms every day.

Consider your legal options

The pain continues as long as mesothelioma persists in the body. It will continue to spread malignant cells to other organs and create more tumors throughout the body. Helping any cancer patient starts by administering the right medical treatments, and it continues by obtaining compensation to cover the bills.