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What is an exposure trigger?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Asbestos

In insurance law in Pennsylvania and across the United States, an exposure trigger is defined as an event that causes a particular policyholder’s coverage to “kick in” or to commence. Generally speaking, an exposure trigger is applicable in personal injury claims associated with contact with some type of hazardous substance in the past.

Exposure trigger and asbestos claims and litigation

One of the most common applications of an exposure trigger is in asbestos claims and lawsuits. An asbestos exposure trigger is defined as the time at which a person was exposed to asbestos fibers for the first time. The reality is that it is often difficult to determine the specific point in time at which an individual was exposed to a harmful substance like asbestos.

Date of asbestos exposure versus date of development of symptoms

A considerable amount of time can elapse from an individual’s initial asbestos exposure to the time that symptoms of disease develop. A person who inhales asbestos fibers can prove to be asymptomatic for many years. As a consequence, pinpointing who or what entity is responsible for the asbestos exposure can be highly challenging. This is the primary reason why the doctrine of exposure trigger is utilized in insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits arising from asbestos inhalation.

A person injured because of asbestos inhalation can arrange an initial consultation and case evaluation with a personal injury attorney to learn more about their legal rights. Typically, an attorney does not charge for a preliminary appointment with a prospective client. An individual may learn whether they have grounds for making a claim against an employer or other entity that caused their asbestos exposure.