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Second-hand exposure to asbestos

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Asbestos

Asbestos is a carcinogenic compound that can cause cancer and other health issues. Workers in certain industries may encounter asbestos in the workplace. In some instances, individuals who come into contact with such a worker may undergo exposure to asbestos from the residue present on that worker’s clothes or equipment. People in Pennsylvania and other states with second-hand exposure to asbestos have several options to seek compensation and redress for their injuries.

Pre-litigation resolution

Some companies may agree to resolve a case of second-hand asbestos exposure before a lawsuit gets filed. Individuals hoping to settle their claims before litigation should expect to provide evidence and testimony about their exposure to prove that a given company is responsible for it.


Individuals who have second-hand exposure to asbestos can sue the companies responsible for making the asbestos encountered by the plaintiff. In order to prove which companies made the relevant asbestos, plaintiffs usually need to introduce testimony from the worker who handled the asbestos relevant to the claim. An experienced asbestos attorney should know how to support a lawsuit for second-hand asbestos exposure.

Bankruptcy claims

People who have second-hand asbestos exposure can also make claims against asbestos bankruptcy trusts. When companies go bankrupt because of asbestos claims, courts often require that these businesses leave assets for people who may have future claims against them. So long as individuals file a proof of claim with supporting documents, they may recover money for their second-hand exposure to asbestos.

Government bodies

In certain instances, it may be important to notify government bodies about second-hand exposure to asbestos. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration and state agencies may conduct investigations related to the exposure to ensure that people are not exposed to asbestos in a similar fashion in the future. To ensure that clients with second-hand exposure to asbestos receive the best possible compensation and other redress, an experienced asbestos lawyer can help pursue necessary legal action.