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Crucial questions to ask when diagnosed with mesothelioma

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Firm News

It is devastating news for the ill or their family to receive a mesothelioma diagnosis by an oncologist. Receiving such traumatic news can leave victims and family members unable to get their thoughts together. While it does not need to happen at the time of the diagnosis, patients and family members will have questions specific to their diagnosis, but there may be some broader questions that need to be addressed too. Doing this enables families to prepare for the coming treatment. Key questions about the diagnosis includes:

  • What type of mesothelioma or asbestos-related illness do I have?
  • There are several stages of cancer, so what stage is mine?
  • Considering the stage, what is the prognosis and treatment?
  • What type of cells do I have?
  • Many diagnosed die within a year, so what is my life expectancy?
  • How will the illness impact my daily life now and in the coming weeks?
  • What can I do to manage the symptoms?
  • Are there complimentary therapies that may also help?

While every patient (and their response to treatment) is different, Doctors and medical staff will be able provide knowledgeable answers to the above questions to the families. This can help the patient and family members prepare for what is to come.

Many resources available

The dangers of asbestos are well-documented, so there are a variety of resources available to victims. The victim and their family will continue to have questions as time passes, so they may wish to speak with an attorney who handles asbestos related illnesses. They can help determine how and where the victim was exposed to the asbestos, and whether legal action can help pay for medical expenses, related costs, and pain and suffering experienced by victims and their loved ones.