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New tool may more accurately predict mesothelioma survival

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Mesothelioma

Chinese researchers may have discovered a more accurate way to predict how long a patient will likely survive following pleural mesothelioma surgery. It could help answer the question that people ask the most following a diagnosis. How much time do I have left?

The current system is called the TNM staging system. TNM stands for Tumor Node Metastasis, and the system is used universally for classifying how far the disease has spread, referring to cancer as Stage I, II, III or IV. However, researchers at Peking University believe other variables not included in TNM staging help determine mesothelioma patients’ survival.

Chinese system relies on U.S. patient data

Researchers tested their system using information from the National Cancer Institute on mesothelioma patients, including their treatment and survival. Factors include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Mesothelioma subtype
  • Stage
  • Type of mesothelioma surgery
  • Chemotherapy use

Nomogram provides a visual representation of mesothelioma survival

Researchers look at all those factors to build a nomogram, which is a two-dimensional visual representation of each patient, for a more specific evaluation of their survival. The method was tested on 312 patients after mesothelioma surgery and was found to be extremely accurate and is now considered an essential tool for devising a strategy for each patient’s needs. The team hopes the nomogram will eventually include mesothelioma patients who have not undergone surgery.

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