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Did workplace asbestos exposure cause latent illness?

Many jobs involve high risks for injuries. For instance, if you're a fire fighter or law enforcement officer, you understand that you take a risk every time you report for duty. What about risks you might not be aware of, however? There are many workplaces in this state and others where workers are exposed to microscopic asbestos fibers without having any prior knowledge of their presence. Worse, in many asbestos-related injury situations, injured workers later learn that their employers knew they were in danger but failed to warn them.

Yes, asbestos is still legal for use in the United States

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does take time to review when asbestos is or is not needed in the United States. There are changes that happen, particularly when environmental concerns arise. In 2016, there was a bipartisan effort that was signed into law by President Obama: The Frank L. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act.

Asbestos regulations that help keep you and your loved ones safe

Many Pittsburgh families, as well as those in surrounding Pennsylvania regions, are part of long lines of workers who have spent years of employment in steel mills, shipyards, on the railroad or in coal mines. The city is also rich with old buildings and beautiful architecture that often houses school children, churchgoers and various types of businesses. There are many amenities here that attract tourists and full-time residents as well.

Who is at risk for second-hand asbestos exposure?

When you go to work in a Pennsylvania factory, shipyard or railroad, you may be at risk for certain on-the-job injuries. In fact, most jobs include some type of personal injury risk; it's just that some are more dangerous than others. One of the greatest dangers in the industries mentioned here occurs when workers face exposure to asbestos. However, you don't have to actually be the one working in such fields to be at risk.

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