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Asbestos litigation: Who is to blame?

| Jan 3, 2019 | Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral, and it is naturally found in nature. Of course, in the amounts you’re exposed to in nature, the likelihood of falling ill would be extremely low. Unfortunately, in certain businesses, the use of asbestos was common, leading to many people developing life-altering health conditions.

Today, people know that breathing in asbestos is extremely dangerous. Being exposed to mineral asbestos may have no significant effects after the initial exposure, but decades later, individuals may develop serious health conditions like mesothelioma.

People are often able to file claims against employers, manufacturers and distributors of products containing asbestos if it’s believed that their condition stemmed from improper exposure. In reality, most of the makers of asbestos have been bankrupted because of litigation, and other defendants may still be involved in class-action lawsuits or have completed settlements.

There is a question as to how far blame should extend. The truth is that anyone who contributes to your injury can be held accountable. That includes manufacturers, distributors, your employer, construction companies and others. While some suggest this is going to harm many companies, the reality is that you’ve already suffered serious injuries and should be fairly compensated for the defendant’s role in those injuries.

Asbestos is a known risk to people in construction, and those who smoked may have been exposed as well. If you are a victim of asbestos exposure, know your rights and that you can seek a settlement or claim. Our site has more information on what you can expect if you develop a disease related to asbestos.