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New study helps patients receive faster mesothelioma treatment

As a patient who has developed mesothelioma, you want to know anything that can help you recover from this serious disease. Medical advances are helping people like yourself live longer and fight off the cancer, but it's sometimes hard to wade through all the possible treatments.

Mesothelioma risks: Be aware!

When you consider the meaning of the phrase "risk factors," you might think about various types of risk, including issues that you may be able to change or eradicate entirely, as well as issues you may not be able to control. There's also another consideration when it comes to risks that affect your health, for instance, and that is that another person's negligence may cause your risk level to soar.

No, asbestos isn't illegal in the United States

As someone who has been threatened with asbestos exposure and who now struggles with the risk of mesothelioma within your lifetime, one of the greatest questions you may have is why the United States still uses this dangerous mineral. The United States has not banned asbestos, even though it is highly regulated.

There may be a link between asbestos and many types of cancer

If you have lived in or worked in Pittsburgh or surrounding regions for an extended length of time, you may have, at some point, engaged in discussion about asbestos, either with family members, co-workers or others. Pennsylvania, and this city in particular, are rich in industrial history; in fact, you may have parents or grandparents who worked in steel mills, shipyards or coal mines.

Providing support to a loved one who is dying

When a doctor diagnosed your loved one with mesothelioma, the doctor no doubt explained that there is currently no cure for the disease. Many Pennsylvania mesothelioma victims describe feeling like the world had dropped out from underneath their feet upon hearing such words. As a caregiver for a terminally ill patient, you may also experience a roller coaster of emotions and may need your own support system as you do your best to provide for your loved one's needs. 

New study could hurt plaintiffs with asbestos cases

Asbestos isn't just found in roofing or building materials. Did you know that some people have filed claims over asbestos found in baby powder? That's right, a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claimed that the baby powder contained enough asbestos to cause people to fall ill after using it.

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