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Should you remove asbestos-laden materials from your home?

Perhaps you're one of many Pennsylvania homeowners who enjoys restoration and renovation projects. Whether you have taken on such projects several times in the past or have recently purchased a home for the first time and it needs some repairs, it can be fun and rewarding to roll your sleeves up and create a new look in an old home.  

Where is asbestos mostly found?

Many places in Pittsburgh are loaded with asbestos. The trouble is that you may not even know it's there. Since asbestos is a compilation of fibers so small you need a microscope to see them, it would be impossible to determine if you have ingested or breathed in asbestos.

Things to know regarding mesothelioma prognosis

If you get a cold or some other virus, the way your body reacts to it may not necessarily be the exact same as another person who comes down with the same illness. Therefore, if you contract a more serious illness, such as one related to asbestos exposure, your doctor will issue a prognosis that depends on numerous factors related to your individual case.  

Does your child's school have an asbestos management plan?

Pittsburgh contains many schools -- some public, others non-profit or parochial. The city itself and surrounding suburbs are beautiful and often include older buildings with intricate architecture that attracts artists and casual tourists who simply enjoy looking at old structures that have a lot of woodwork and complex designs.  

6 kinds of asbestos can threaten your safety

When you hear someone talk about asbestos, you probably immediately think about the fibrous materials that are found in roofing materials or insulation. You may have learned about the dangers of asbestos in the past but not realized that you had actually been exposed. If you were exposed, you could develop mesothelioma or asbestosis, both of which can affect your health negatively and potentially become life-threatening.

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