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Without proper warnings, consumer goods can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Products Liability

Oftentimes when Pittsburgh residents buy an item at the store they have a reasonably good idea of what the product should be used for. For example, they may buy a cleaning product to use in their home or they may buy a power drill to perform household maintenance and repairs. In either case, the purchase of the item was likely due to a need that the person needed fulfilling in order to improve the state of his or her life.

From cleaning products to building tools and everything in between, consumer goods are subject to review to ensure that they do not pose risks to those who use them. When those risks cannot be removed from the products without making them ineffective, warnings must be used as substitute forms of caution. A cleaning product may offer a warning to avoid consuming the product or getting the product in one’s eyes as it may contain a caustic chemical that could harm the human body. Likewise, a power drill may include instructions and warnings cautioning the user from using the drill near water to avoid risks associated with electrocution.

While some consumers may have the foresight to avoid hazards posed by the products they buy without included warnings, not all individuals have this capacity and not all hazards may be anticipated. Latent dangers in products that consumers cannot discover on their own may cause serious injuries and death to individuals who are unaware of the harm their purchased goods may cause.

The law firm of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci recognizes the importance of warnings in keeping Pennsylvanians safe. When producers of goods fail to include proper warnings with the products they make, innocent individuals can suffer serious harm. The firm’s products liability webpage offers important information for individuals who have suffered losses from dangerous products and inadequate warnings. We encourage those considering pursuing legal action to explore our page in depth, as we take pride in our track record of success in recovering compensation for those who have been unfairly injured by the products they trusted.