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Construction workers face many work-site hazards

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Work-Related Deaths

Construction workers provide important services to the Pittsburgh community. Without them, new houses would not be built, commercial spaces would not be renovated, and other significant infrastructure projects would be left uncompleted. However, these skilled individuals face many dangers every day when they arrive at their job sites. This post will provide an overview of the hazards that construction workers can encounter and that may cause serious injuries and death to them if an accident occurs.

One major risk that construction workers face is harm caused in falls. Workers are often required to be fitted with safety gear when their jobs take them up high, but the failure to be tied to a safety line may result in a worker falling a significant distance and suffering a serious injury.

Constructions workers can also suffer harm when the equipment they are required to use causes them injuries. These incidents can arise in different ways, from workers not being properly trained to use particular pieces of equipment to workers being given defective tools to do their jobs.

Vehicle accidents cause an alarming number of construction site injuries, as workers may be hurt in collisions or when they are run over by vehicles that are operated too close to workers or without the proper safety signals in workers’ vicinities. Falling objects, fires, and a host of other dangers can all cause construction workers to endure injuries and death.

The dangers discussed in this post are not unique to construction workers, but this segment of the working population does have to contend with many potential hazards when performing work-related duties. Victims of construction site injuries and deaths may wish to seek legal counsel to ensure that their rights and options for pursuing compensation are protected.