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March 2018 Archives

Construction workers face many work-site hazards

Construction workers provide important services to the Pittsburgh community. Without them, new houses would not be built, commercial spaces would not be renovated, and other significant infrastructure projects would be left uncompleted. However, these skilled individuals face many dangers every day when they arrive at their job sites. This post will provide an overview of the hazards that construction workers can encounter and that may cause serious injuries and death to them if an accident occurs.

Falling dressers hurt many children each year

There is no question that if a child thinks they can climb on something, they will. Whether it is a ladder, a play structure or a piece of furniture, if a child can get their hands on it there is a good chance that they will try to get on top of it. Our readers in Pittsburgh who are parents may easily remember instances of finding their little ones up on top of tables, counters and other household surfaces where they had no business being.

Wrong-site surgeries cause preventable pain and suffering

Undergoing an invasive medical procedure can be an overwhelming experience. Our readers who have had to have surgery, whether medically necessary or elective, can attest to the many procedural steps that must be undertaken before they were finally administered anesthesia prior to their operations. In hospitals and clinics throughout Pennsylvania, doctors and medical personnel are expected to practice safe surgical practices to make sure they perform the right procedures on the right patients at the right times.

Is asbestos the key ingredient in your child's makeup?

We have all heard the proverb, "all that glitters is not gold," but in the recent case involving pre-teen accessories boutique Claire's Store, all that sparkles might actually be asbestos. In late December there was a recall which led to almost ten items being pulled from the shelves. All of the compromised products were reported to have traces of the fibrous mineral present. From glitter palettes to bedazzled makeup sets, the cosmetics were marketed almost exclusively to young children. Many families had to learn the hard way that just because something is labeled as a product for kids, doesn't mean it is safe.

Workplace accidents hurt Pennsylvania families

Accidents happen everywhere and practically every day. They occur on the roads and highways that Pittsburgh residents drive and they happen in homes, stores and restaurants across the state. Accidents also happen when Pennsylvanians are at their places of work. When on-the-job incidents result in personal injuries and deaths, victims and their families should know and understand that they have legal rights.

Might bed sores be a sign of nursing home neglect or abuse?

Pressure sores, known more commonly as "bed sores," are sores that form when a part of the body is not moved for a long time. For example, an ailing Pittsburgh resident who cannot get out of bed for many days may develop a bed sore if they are left in the same position for much of their convalescence. The weight of the person's body causes blood to be cut off from the location of the sore and the sore forms due to this deficiency.

Use of anesthesia during labor and delivery poses risks

Every expectant mother should be able to choose the type of labor and delivery experience that best suits her needs and the anticipated medical needs of her baby. For example, many Pittsburgh mothers choose to have their children in alternative birthing locations, such as at home or at a birthing facility, as opposed to giving birth in hospitals. In addition to having a say as to where she will give birth, an expectant mother should have the ability to choose what, if any, medications she will take as she works to bring her baby into the world.

Do you need a biopsy to determine if you have mesothelioma?

After feeling unwell for some time and noticing signs in relation to your body that gave you concerns, you may have finally decided to go to a doctor. You may already have some fears about what any test results may reveal as you worked for years in an asbestos-filled environment and know that you could have considerable risk of developing an asbestos-related disease.

Medication mistakes are a big problem for Americans

According to a study undertaken by Johns Hopkins University, the two leading causes of death for Americans are heart disease and cancer. These conditions can be devastating and in some cases affect individuals at random. Worse still is that not all cases of heart disease and cancer are preventable. However, the third leading cause of death according to this study is something that no Pennsylvanian should ever have to suffer: medication error.