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A workplace death is a tragedy no family should experience

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Work-Related Deaths

A job is a necessary part of many Pennsylvanians lives. This is because most people need the income that they earn so that they can pay their bills and keep their families healthy and thriving. While they may prefer to be at home, many individuals cannot get by without their jobs.

When a person goes to work they are asked to perform tasks that will allow them to complete the objectives that their employers have set out for them. While some workers may operate machinery or labor with their bodies to do their tasks, others may sit behind desks and interact with customers as the primary objectives of their roles. Whatever type of work that a person is asked to do at their job it is imperative that their employer gives them proper instruction and equipment to do their tasks safely.

The failure of an employer to prepare their employees for the hazards that may arise in their lines of work can constitute negligence or even recklessness. These deficiencies on the parts of employers can have tragic outcomes for the workers who are forced to perform their duties in dangerous and even life-threatening environments. When the worst happens, a person may lose their life in a workplace accident all while trying to do their job and earn money for those that they love.

The law firm of Savinis Kane & Gallucci has represented the loved ones of accidental workplace death victims and has supported them as they have sought damages for the immense losses that they have suffered. The attorneys of the firm are ready to take on the important role of representing new workplace accident clients so that they may too pursue compensation for the losses of their loved ones.