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What are your fingernails saying about your health?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Firm News

You may come from a long line of factory workers in Pittsburgh. Perhaps you grew up, like many others in this area did, watching your grandfather, then your father take their lunch pails and head out the door to report to one of the local steel mills for work. Your family set aside Sundays for going to church and, of course, watching the Steelers on television.

As each of your birthdays passed, you grew more eager for the time to come when you’d be able to follow in your father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. Finally, that time arrived and you enjoyed a long-lasting career in your favorite blue-collar town. You remember when people voted Pittsburgh the friendliest city in the nation. However, as years wore on, you also began to hear that many of your co-workers were suffering from ill health conditions related to asbestos and you began to worry. Some have filed legal claims regarding their illnesses.

What are the signs of these illnesses?

As more and more people came forward to tell their stories of the health related consequences of asbestos exposure, you began to wonder if your symptoms relate to a similar condition. The following list includes symptoms related to asbestos-caused illnesses that definitely warrant further examination:

  • If you notice deformities in your fingernails or the tips of your fingers have taken on clubbed shapes, it may be related to asbestos exposure.
  • Do you have a lingering, nagging cough that won’t subside no matter what remedies you try? If so, you may want to discuss your symptoms with a licensed physician who is well versed in asbestos related illnesses.
  • Many people nowadays suffer from fatigue because of their busy lifestyles. However, if you think your chronic feeling of tiredness and weakness may have an underlying cause, it’s best to seek a medical diagnosis to rule out asbestos-induced conditions.
  • If your chest hurts or you are experiencing repeated episodes of pain or discomfort anywhere in your body, keep in mind that this too, is often a symptom of asbestosis, mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

The illnesses most commonly associated with asbestos-exposure typically do not present immediately apparent symptoms. Caused by inhaling microscopic particles contained in asbestos-laden products, you could feel just fine for years before any adverse symptoms occur. If a doctor has already diagnosed an asbestos-caused illness in your body, you are likely aware that these diseases are incurable. Treatments are available to help alleviate symptoms but such treatments, along with repeated medical visits, are quite expensive.

You should not have to bear the full burden of cost for an illness that occurred on the job. Many who worked in Pennsylvania steel mills and other locations where they later learned they were exposed to asbestos, have successfully obtained compensation for damages by allowing experienced personal injury attorneys to seek justice on their behalves.