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Preeclampsia is a dangerous birth complication

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Birth Injury

Certain conditions present in a pregnant woman can cause dangerous complications for the expectant mother and unborn child. Most Pittsburgh doctors take the time to review an expectant mother’s health and wellness each time that she comes in for an appointment or whenever concerns send her to see a medical professional. This is to be sure that no potentially hazardous circumstances are present that could threaten the lives of the mother and child.

One complication that doctors should check for in their pregnant patients is preeclampsia. Preeclampsia involves the rapid rise in the mother’s blood pressure. It can often be diagnosed through an evaluation of an expectant mother’s urine. If left unchecked preeclampsia can lead to organ failure, stroke, and even death of the mother and her child.

While doctors cannot treat pregnant mothers for preeclampsia there are medical protocols that they can follow with afflicted patients to ensure that their health and safety is as protected as medically possible. The failure of a doctor to catch a case of preeclampsia can be a deadly mistake that could leave a family without a loving mother, her newborn child, or both.

Preeclampsia can be diagnosed through in-office tests and the careful monitoring of the expectant mother’s condition. Proper monitoring can be life-saving and can give an afflicted mother peace of mind during her pregnancy and through her labor and delivery. When doctors negligently fail to diagnose cases of preeclampsia in their pregnant patients, dangerous outcomes can result. When preventable preeclampsia losses occur, medical professionals can sometimes be held accountable for their mistakes through medical malpractice lawsuits.