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January 2018 Archives

Hypoxia can be a serious problem during labor and delivery

Hypoxia is a medical condition in which a baby does not receive enough oxygen to their brain. It is a complication that can arise at any point in the labor and delivery process. There are a host of issues that can lead to hypoxia, such as infections and problems with the mother's placenta, and Pennsylvania doctors should be on the lookout for them in order to prevent the babies they will deliver from suffering lifelong hypoxia-related harm.

Damages after the death of a child

No parent ever wants to consider a world in which their child dies before they do. It is a heartbreaking scenario that Pennsylvania mothers and fathers try to keep out of their heads but sometimes think about when news stories or events in their friends' lives make real the potential of such unspeakable tragedies. The accidental death of a child through a vehicle collision, products liability incident or other event may give the family of the decedent the right to sue under the state's wrongful death statute.

Are there hazards in your Pittsburgh workplace?

If you're familiar with Pennsylvania state history, you likely already know a lot about Pittsburgh as it was a central hub of progress throughout the industrial revolution. In addition to its role as a significant figure in state and national history, the city continues to offer myriad amenities and cultural delights to visitors and residents alike. If you're passionate about architecture, you may be thrilled by the many modern skyscrapers as well as old buildings available for you to investigate.

Another make and model of vehicle affected by Takata airbags

Up until recently thousands of vehicles have been recalled due to defective parts and potentially deadly consequences associated with Takata airbags. All across Pennsylvania vehicle owners have had to take their cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles into their dealerships to have the defective parts removed and replaced with safer options. Just recently another make and model of vehicle has been added to the list of affected automobiles.

A doctor's failure to treat an ailment may be medical malpractice

Many Pittsburgh residents can tell when something is not quite right in their bodies. They may feel different or may experience symptoms that are uncommon to their existing conditions. When abnormalities in their health arise, individuals often get in touch with their doctors so that they can investigate the causes of their new found medical problems.

What are your fingernails saying about your health?

You may come from a long line of factory workers in Pittsburgh. Perhaps you grew up, like many others in this area did, watching your grandfather, then your father take their lunch pails and head out the door to report to one of the local steel mills for work. Your family set aside Sundays for going to church and, of course, watching the Steelers on television.

Preeclampsia is a dangerous birth complication

Certain conditions present in a pregnant woman can cause dangerous complications for the expectant mother and unborn child. Most Pittsburgh doctors take the time to review an expectant mother's health and wellness each time that she comes in for an appointment or whenever concerns send her to see a medical professional. This is to be sure that no potentially hazardous circumstances are present that could threaten the lives of the mother and child.

Are you at risk for exposure to asbestos because of your job?

Pennsylvania readers know there are some jobs that are riskier than others. While some jobs are inherently dangerous, there are certain occupations that could come with the risk of unseen dangers, such as exposure to toxic substances. One of the most dangerous types of work-related toxic exposure is contact with asbestos.

What to look for when selecting a nursing home

A nursing or care home should be a comfortable place where a loved one may find care and support for their medical and occupational needs. Though not all nursing homes are fancy, many provide aging Pennsylvanians with safe places to live out their years under the care of individuals who truly have their best interests in mind. Individuals rarely hear about these types of facilities, though, as it is often the dangerous and abuse-ridden nursing homes that appear as stories on the evening news.

What is informed consent?

Going to the doctor's office can be an overwhelming experience for a Pittsburgh resident. Not just because they will have their body examined for injuries and illnesses but also because they may be subjected to what seems like an endless pile of paperwork to fill out. Often when individuals visit their medical professionals they must fill out forms related to their current states of health, changes to their contact and insurance information, and releases related to their medical records.