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Construction site accident leaves one worker dead

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | Work-Related Deaths

All across the state new buildings, residential communities, and office parks are popping up. Pennsylvanians may visit towns they have not been to in several years only to find that new structures have appeared and changed the layouts of the communities that they once knew. All of the new growth and expansion can be credited to the hard work of men and women who are employed in the construction field.

Many construction jobs are laborious and require workers to use their bodies to build and create. As such, it is imperative that their employers take all necessary precautions to keep their employees out of harm’s way and as safe as possible so that they do not suffer work-related injuries and deaths. Although details regarding the accident are still forthcoming, one tragic construction site accident recently occurred in the state that left one man dead.

According to news reports, the victim was working on a building when he fell approximately four stories to the ground. Although he was taken to a hospital after his fall, the man was pronounced dead. He was 28-years-old at the time of the incident and it is unknown if he is survived by a family.

Federal regulations require that workers who perform duties off of the ground be attached to the buildings they are on to prevent devastating incidents like this one. If this victim was not provided with the safety equipment he needed to stay safe or was not trained on how to properly use it, it is possible that his employer may be liable for the extensive losses sustained by this victim when he lost his life while performing the duties of his job. His family may also be able to recover death benefits through the workers’ compensation system. Hopefully, a workers’ compensation claim together with a possible third-party claim will provide the victim’s family with the resources they need to recoup their damages.

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