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A workplace death may be the result of negligence

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Work-Related Deaths

A job is a source of both income and pride for a Pittsburg resident. As such, individuals pour their hearts and souls into the work that they do so that they can do their best and provide for the ones they love. Many individuals work for decades in careers they enjoy and retire when they are financially able to live out their lives without the regular income of a job.

However, an unfortunate number of men and women never get the chance to reach the sought-after years of retirement. This is because they suffer significant injuries while doing their jobs and never recover from them. Just recently this personal injury legal blog told the tragic story of a construction worker who lost his life while doing the tasks of his employment.

Workplace deaths are a devastating reality for some Pennsylvania families. Not only do they leave relatives reeling over the loss of someone they love but they also leave survivors without a breadwinner and a source of financial support. The death of a loved one who provided an income for a family can be doubly damaging for those who must deal with grief and potential financial stress all at once.

Though litigation may not be an initial priority for the survivors of a worksite death, it may be the step families need to take to get their financial lives back on track. Worksite deaths can result from employer negligence, and in such cases survivors may want to explore the possibility of pursuing compensation.

The law firm of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci, LLC, hopes for the happiness and safety of all their clients in the New Year. They are prepared, though, to advocate for those who suffer losses due to the negligence of others and to work for those who have lost loved ones to worksite accidents.