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What actions — or inactions — constitute nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Nursing Home Deaths

Deaths at nursing homes are unfortunately common. It is generally the case that when a Pittsburgh resident cannot care for themselves and requires ongoing medical treatment and care that they may be moved into a facility that is prepared to assist them with their daily needs. It is often the elderly and infirm who require the services of nursing home facilities, and individuals who are parts of these populations may be closer to the ends of their lives than their healthier, younger counterparts.

However, not all nursing home deaths occur due to natural causes. It is an unfortunate truth that poorly-run care facilities may contribute to deaths at their properties each year through negligent practices. This post will highlight some of the ways that nursing home negligence may result in preventable patient deaths and may give rise to wrongful death claims by the victim’s surviving loved ones.

Staffing can be a major problem for some nursing homes and when issues occur with staffing then patients can suffer harm. When a nursing home has too few staff members to care for their residents, abuse and negligence can occur. When care facilities do not take the time to properly train their employees, incidents of error and violence can happen between staff and patients.

Poor maintenance of nursing home facilities can also result in negligent resident deaths. Poorly lit hallways, steps without railings or skid pads and other hazards to already vulnerable residents can result in deadly trips, slips and falls.

These and a myriad of other problems can plague nursing homes and put innocent patients at risk. When a loved one dies at nursing home it is important that the cause of death is investigated. If the reason for the devastating loss was negligence, then it may be possible for the decedent’s loved ones to pursue damages against the negligent facility for their relative’s wrongful death.