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Claims may exist for a nursing home death

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Nursing Home Deaths

When a loved one dies it can be a traumatic experience for those who they have left behind. Particularly when the deceased party passes on unexpectedly, the experience can be difficult for the survivors to accept. While accidents and sudden illnesses claim the lives of Pennsylvanians each and every day, deaths in nursing homes are also a source of unexpected losses.

Residents of nursing homes enter into these facilities because they are unable to manage their own medical affairs or because they simply cannot care for themselves. They require assistance to maintain their health and wellness. While residents of these types of care facilities do pass away from natural causes, it is an unfortunate fact that some also lose their lives due to the negligent treatment they receive from the staff of their facility.

Negligence and abuse happen in nursing homes for many reasons, including but not limited to understaffing, poor personnel training and inadequate facility maintenance. While not every death in a nursing home will be due to negligence or abuse, some are, and those losses may be addressed by legal claims lodged by the victims’ surviving relatives.

When a loved one dies in a nursing home it may seem easier to let the circumstances of the victim’s death to go unchallenged. However, loved ones who believe that their relatives may have perished under poor care or abusive conditions are encouraged to further explore their legal rights. The attorneys of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci, LLC, are prepared to work with grieving families who want answers to the unexplained circumstances of their loved one’s nursing home death.