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Pennsylvania warehouse worker killed in on-the-job accident

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Work-Related Deaths

It takes many people to efficiently locate, package, send and deliver the millions of Amazon packages that travel across the country each year. In fact, the online mega-site maintains warehouses across the nation so that it may respond to its buyers’ needs in the timeliest manner possible. One of those warehouses is located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and just last month a tragedy occurred within the facility.

A seven-year veteran employee of the warehouse lost his life when he was crushed by a vehicle. The worker was attempting to loosen a mechanism on the vehicle so that it could be driven away. A driver was located in the cab of the vehicle and was aware of the worker’s placement; however, the vehicle ended up moving while the driver was still positioned near the wheels and that movement resulted in the driver being crushed.

Accidents at Pennsylvania workplaces are not uncommon but in this case the incident was deadly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the incident to determine how the incident occurred, why it happened and if the worker’s employer was at fault for allowing the accident to happen. The entity’s findings may help to build legal claims against the employer if fault is determined.

Work-related deaths can happen in any industry and to workers who perform diverse functions. The failure of employers to properly train those who work for them or to provide their employees with the proper safety equipment may result in tragic accidents such as this one. As OSHA continues its investigation readers will have to wait to find out where liability lies in this devastating Pennsylvania story.

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