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Birth injury risks associated with Caesarian section deliveries

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2017 | Birth Injury

A Caesarian section, better known as a C-section, occurs when a baby is born through a surgical procedure that involves cutting though a mother’s abdominal wall and into the uterus. C-section deliveries have become incredibly common, and most Pittsburgh residents probably know someone who has had one if they have not had them themselves. Even though C-sections happen regularly, it is important for expectant parents to know that there are risks associated with the procedure. A doctor’s negligence or inattention during a C-section birth may increase the risk of these problems and augment a baby or mother’s chances of suffering a serious birth-related complication.

First, because a C-section is surgery it involves cutting and opening a mother’s body. Any time that the body is opened up it is exposed to possible infections. Infections from surgical procedures such as C-sections can be life-threatening, can spread to newborns and can occur when doctors fail to provide sterile surgical environments.

Second, the cutting involved in a C-section can result in serious bleeding if a doctor ruptures a major vein or artery of the mother. Blood loss during a C-section can be life-threatening and may force a mother to undergo additional procedures in order to recover.

Third, poor surgical techniques may result in cutting injuries to a mother’s organs or her baby if her doctor cuts too deep or too wide. These injuries can leave a mother with lifelong harm or a baby with severe birth-related trauma.

C-section deliveries are often done in emergency situations. However, despite extenuating circumstances doctors must adhere to strict standards to ensure their patients’ safety and care. Mismanagement of C-sections can be disastrous and may result in cases of medical malpractice.