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October 2017 Archives

Warning defects on products can be dangerous to consumers

Practically every product that a Pittsburgh resident brings home from the store includes somewhere on its packaging or the product itself a label that lists warnings. A product may warn of small parts that could be choking hazards to small children, or it may warn of using the product properly to avoid electrocution if it is powered through a plug. It is a responsibility of product makers to anticipate the ways that their products could pose threats to consumers and if those threats cannot be avoided through changes in the products' designs then the makers must offer warnings of the harm their products may create.

Maintaining as much control as possible over chronic illness

When you first realized you may be suffering symptoms of a chronic illness, you may have immediately tried to figure out its cause. Once your doctor diagnosed you with asbestos-related disease, you didn't have to think much further since you worked in an environment prone to asbestos exposure for years. Your doctor likely explained to you that there is no known cure for asbestosis or mesothelioma (two of the most common forms of asbestos-related illnesses), yet there may be several things you can do to help cope.

Misdiagnoses can seriously hurt Pennsylvania patients

The diagnosis of a serious disease can strike apprehension into the heart of a Pittsburgh resident. For example, a person recently diagnosed with cancer may fear that they will not live long enough to see their children grow up or that they may not be able to accomplish all of their life's dreams before they pass on. However, thanks to modern medicine and the regulated practices of medical professionals many people who are diagnosed with serious diseases often fully recover and continue enjoying their lives long into the future.

What is a wrongful death?

Any person who is born into the world must face the inevitable but often dreaded concept of death. It is overwhelming to imagine what happens, if anything, after a person ceases to live. Many individuals in Pittsburgh live long and happy lives that end in old age. Unfortunately, though, individuals of all ages perish in unexpected accidents and leave their loved ones reeling from losses they did not expect to experience.

Key factors that help clarify asbestos-related health issues

If you've lived and worked in Pittsburgh most of your life, you already know how historically significant your hometown is regarding its place in the nation's industrial revolution. While the steel mills have long since closed, there are still many factories, old buildings and other structures throughout the city that may pose potential health hazards to residents and workers alike. A major cause for concern has to do with asbestos.

Drop-Side Cribs: a Case Study on a Products Liability Issue

Newborns are a blessing to their parents, but that does not mean that they are not a lot of work. Exhausted parents all across Pennsylvania have undoubtedly spent many sleepless nights attempting to soothe their cranky babes to sleep or researching causes for their little ones' distress. Because babies can be such handfuls, it is not uncommon for parents to jump at the chance to purchase products that claim to ease the difficulties of caring for newborns. Although many of these products can be godsends for stressed mothers and fathers others can come into their homes with dangers no parent could anticipate.

Birth injury risks associated with Caesarian section deliveries

A Caesarian section, better known as a C-section, occurs when a baby is born through a surgical procedure that involves cutting though a mother's abdominal wall and into the uterus. C-section deliveries have become incredibly common, and most Pittsburgh residents probably know someone who has had one if they have not had them themselves. Even though C-sections happen regularly, it is important for expectant parents to know that there are risks associated with the procedure. A doctor's negligence or inattention during a C-section birth may increase the risk of these problems and augment a baby or mother's chances of suffering a serious birth-related complication.

Pennsylvania warehouse worker killed in on-the-job accident

It takes many people to efficiently locate, package, send and deliver the millions of Amazon packages that travel across the country each year. In fact, the online mega-site maintains warehouses across the nation so that it may respond to its buyers' needs in the timeliest manner possible. One of those warehouses is located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and just last month a tragedy occurred within the facility.