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What are manufacturing defects, and how may they cause injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Products Liability

When Pittsburgh residents go to their favorite stores and buy items off of the shelves, they are usually purchasing goods that had to be manufactured in order to be sold. Manufacturing is a process that makes a product into what it is intended to be out of the different components that are necessary to create it. The manufacturing process for a product may be complex or simple, and that process will greatly depend on the type of item that is intended to be made.

Most of the time, the products that consumers buy for their own use are manufactured properly and free from defects that may arise during the industrial process. However, from time to time, problems can arise during this undertaking that can introduce dangers to consumers who may purchase or acquire the improperly manufactured goods.

It is important to recognize that manufacturing defects are not design defects. A design defect occurs when a product causes injuries to a person due to the way it was designed. A manufacturing defect occurs when a product causes injuries to a person due to the way it was put together. Problems with quality control and oversight can result in manufacturing defects, though due to improved manufacturing practices, defects of this nature are relatively rare.

Manufacturers do not want their products to cause consumers to suffer injuries. Manufacturing defects are not in their interests, but since they do happen, consumers should be prepared to fight for their rights to compensation when injuries of this nature occur. Products liability law provides claims for individuals who have endured injuries due to defective products and who wish to seek compensation for their losses.