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Lawsuit alleges doctors disregarded patient’s health directive

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

It is not uncommon for Pittsburgh residents to take proactive steps to prepare for the future. One way that many people plan to protect themselves and their estates is to create estate plans. While many readers are likely familiar with wills and maybe even trusts, others may be unfamiliar with medical directives.

Generally, a medical directive may outline the type of care a person wishes to receive in the event that he or she cannot communicate those wishes on his or her own. The document can include a variety of terms, but often includes guidance on whether a person would want lifesaving actions to be taken in the event that the or she is near death.

A man was admitted to Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs Medical Centers with a do not resuscitate order in his directive. However, his daughter alleges that despite the man’s wishes, the medical staff at the hospital subjected him to intubation. While the man lived for a period of time after the intubation, his daughter has sued the facility for medical malpractice for failing to follow his guidance and committing medical malpractice.

The man has since passed away, and now his daughter, through the man’s estate, seeks compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted by the hospital’s failure to abide by his wishes. In the lawsuit, she has alleged negligence, professional malpractice and the intentional tort of battery.

Medical malpractice can take on many forms and consultation with a personal injury attorney can help a person determine how best to approach any legal options regarding a possible malpractice case. This post is offered as information only, and readers are asked to speak with their own attorneys as the information contained herein is not offered as legal advice.

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