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A doctor’s mistake may lead to a preventable birth injury

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Birth Injury

For around nine months, the partners to a Pittsburgh couple may plan and prepare for the birth of their child. They may create a whimsical nursery and they may argue over what they will name their new little addition. They may learn about different options for how they would like to bring their child into the world, and they may settle on a facility and medical practitioner to assist them through the labor and delivery process.

Planning can be of great benefit for many soon-to-be parents, but a successful and safe birth event requires the concentration and care of every member of the newborn’s birthing team. In a hospital, that can include doctors such as anesthesiologists, pediatricians and obstetricians, as well as nurses and phlebotomists, and a myriad of other medical providers. The many moving parts that are required to synch during a birth must communicate with each other and the woman whose body is responsible for bringing a new life into the world.

While many births go smoothly and happen without complications, some are wrought with unexpected difficulties. When doctors and their supporting medical staffs are prepared and cognizant of the minute changes that may occur in a baby’s or mother’s health then they are able to quickly respond to the urgent issues that can arise. When, however, medical providers ignore troubling symptoms in either a mother or child, fail to react with necessary interventions or otherwise make critical mistakes in the care of a birthing mother dire consequences may befall the woman, her child, or both.

The attorneys of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci desire for all of their clients to have happy, healthy birthing experiences. They know, however, that medical errors and doctor mistakes can cost parents not only the joy of safe birth processes but also can subject their children to serious injuries and death. For more information about birth injury, readers are invited to contact the law firm of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci.