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A doctor’s mistake may cost you more than your health

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

For many Pittsburgh residents, going to the doctor is a necessary part of maintaining their health, and ensuring that their ailments are addressed and remedied in a timely manner. Whether a patient has the ability to choose his or her own medical practitioners, or receives care from doctors who are available when the patient’s needs arise, should not impact the quality of care the individual receives. In order to practice medicine, doctors must pass rigorous courses of study and sit for examinations that demonstrate their ability to provide medical care for those who seek their services.

If a doctor receives a degree, passes the tests and receives a license to practice medicine, then the governing powers of the medical profession have deemed that individual ready to see patients and offer medical care. Despite the many levels of review that doctors must satisfy in order to become licensed, and the many hours of training they must endure, they are still capable of making mistakes in the treatment and care of their patients.

Doctor mistakes can take on many forms. A doctor may fail to properly diagnose a patient, and that misdiagnosis may result in the patient failing to receive the treatment he or she needs to become healthy once again. A doctor may prescribe a patient with an erroneous method of treatment for an ailment, and that error may result in the patient suffering more harm than necessary. Doctors can make mistakes that are particular to their specialties, such as surgeons performing erroneous procedures and anesthesiologists overdosing their patients with dangerous levels of sedatives.

Doctors make mistakes, and when they do, their patients suffer harm to their health and wellness. Those victims may also suffer harm to their financial well-being if their doctors’ errors cause them to endure more treatments and procedures to correct the errors. At the law firm of Savinis, Kane & Gallucci our attorneys are committed to ensuring that their medical malpractice clients’ rights are protected and claims pursued so that their clients may potentially receive the damages they deserve. To learn more about doctor mistakes and other medical malpractice claims please visit the law firm online.