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Thousands die each year in work-related fatal accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Work-Related Deaths

People’s jobs are their means of earning a stable income and providing for themselves and their families. Without a job, a Pittsburgh resident may lack the capacity to keep a roof overhead, put food on the table, or keep the kids in clothing throughout the year. Because jobs play a significant role in the health of Pennsylvania families, many people are willing to put in long hours and take on occupational burdens to keep their employment.

However much a job provides for a person and his or her dependents, though, having a job that poses serious threats to the health and safety of the worker is not acceptable. Workers should be able to safely complete their job-related responsibilities without fearing that they will be hurt or killed as a result of their actions. As such, employers must provide their workers with the training, equipment, and support they need to avoid workplace accidents.

While many Americans live their entire lives without ever experiencing a significant work accident or injury, a disturbing number of people lose their lives each year in these often preventable scenarios. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,836 people died in 2015 from work-related accidents. Around 80 percent of those killed were employed by others and not self-employed. Many of the victims who perished due to their job responsibilities were killed in transportation accidents, with others losing their lives from falls, accidents with equipment, and other preventable causes.

The loss of a loved one to a work-related accident can be a tragic occurrence in the life of a family. Not only must the family cope with the devastating blow of never seeing their loved one again but they must also find ways to replace income they lost when their loved one died. In some cases, work-related fatal accidents are compensable and personal injury attorneys can discuss these situations with their clients.