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Medical malpractice losses can be significant and costly

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Medical accidents, and situations of medical negligence can be costly, painful, and life-altering. Pittsburgh residents who have to endure the difficultly of suffering medical malpractice injuries or losses can attest to the many challenges that accompany such an event. Aside from the very difficult process of healing from a doctor’s or hospital’s error or mistake, comes the financial toll of extra medical bills and lost earnings, the emotional stress of experiencing a hardship and the individual losses one feels from becoming the victim of a preventable harm.

The attorneys of Savinis & Kane work passionately to assist their clients in securing their rightful compensation after medical malpractice losses. As with other forms of personal injury, medical malpractice incidents would not happen but for the wrongdoing of another person. As doctors have a duty to provide their patients with a requisite level of care, when that duty is breached they can be held accountable for the losses they cause others to take on.

However, even though medical malpractice cases often fall under the broader category of personal injury, it is important for readers to understand that not all lawyers who provide personal injury services represent victims of medical loss. Medical malpractices cases can be highly technical and may require attorneys who understand the nuances of not only this specific category of the law but also the underlying medical injuries or illnesses that led to their clients’ suffering.

In Savinis & Kane, individuals acquire legal representatives who are caring and committed to the legal needs of their clients. They are prepared to take on the hospitals, medical practitioners and other medical entities that have caused their clients to suffer pain, loss and financial hardship. Their firm has experience helping those who need supportive legal professionals to guide them through the process of protecting their rights after a medical malpractice incident.