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June 2017 Archives

Massive airbag inflator recall leads to company's bankruptcy

Although there are many precautionary measures in place to assure a customer's safety and wellbeing while using products in the United States, there still may be dangerous products out on the market that could seriously injure or even kill a consumer. This week, the aftermath of the largest automotive parts recall in history left the Japanese company Takata Corp bankrupt, following a massive recall of their airbags that left at least 17 dead throughout the world.

Know the dangers of a construction worksite

Throughout western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh and the greater Pittsburgh area, there are always construction projects going on. Whether it is residential homes being built or upgraded, new commercial stores or malls being built, or the ever-changing industrial fields trying to adapt to new technologies and changes in demands; construction throughout the United States will always exist.

Indictment for 3 nursing home aides in New Jersey

When a family makes the decision to enter their elderly or disabled loved one into a nursing home, the decision is made with the assumption that the facility will provide adequate and satisfactory care. This means that the patient and now resident will receive all the necessary meals and medication, will have the living area regularly cleaned and linens washed, will be showered or cleaned regularly, and will have social activities when applicable, all in an effort to make the patient's life as pain-free, healthy and enjoyable as possible.

Protecting yourself from dangerous products

Americans are one of the largest consumers of products in the world. While products produced in the United States have to adhere to laws and regulations designed to assure the safety of consumers, there are still instances where a product can become dangerous or even deadly.

How dangerous are trucks on the roads?

While traveling on the roads in the Pittsburgh area, or anywhere in the United States, you may be sharing the roads with dangerous vehicles that you generally take for granted -- trucks. Trucks play a vital role in the American economy. Whenever you enter a grocery store, department store, furniture store or appliance store, more likely than not, everything under the store's roof was delivered via truck.

America loses a hero who died following his work at ground zero

Like most other people throughout the country, people in the Pittsburgh area will never forget the incredible heroism of hundreds of first responders on that fateful day of 9/11. New York City firefighter Raymond J. Pfeifer was not working on that beautiful autumn Tuesday morning; he was enjoying a round of golf with fellow firefighters. But when he learned of the plane crash, they immediately ended their round and headed right for ground zero.