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Learning about nursing home abuse in the United States

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Nursing Home Deaths

One of the most difficult decisions for a family is what to do with an elderly or disabled loved one who is no longer able to take care of him or herself. The natural aging process means that our bodies start to deteriorate and are more susceptible to injuries, illness and disease. This often means that an elderly loved one is now in need of constant care.

Although many families throughout the United States, including the Pittsburgh area, can juggle with such a demand, and may have enough family members or friends nearby to care for the person, for many others, this simply is not possible. And this often means taking a loved one to a nursing home.

While most nursing homes provide adequate care and will give a loved one a healthy and happy experience for their remaining days, there are times when insufficient care or abuse by employees takes place. This can lead to illness, injuries and sicknesses which, if untreated, could even lead to death. The law offices of Savinis & Kane LLC understand these risks, and work with clients throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding area to fight for victims and families of victims who have been affected by nursing home issues.

It is not always easy to recognize nursing home neglect or abuse, especially considering the vulnerable condition of many elderly and their inability to effectively communicate. It is not uncommon for nursing home abuse victims to also suffer from mental and psychological abuse; they may be pressured or bullied into not talking about their treatment at the homes.

If you suspect abuse, it is important to report the incident to protect the residents of the facilities. You may also want to reach out to a law firm familiar with nursing home neglect or abuse to see whether the victim or the victim’s family is entitled to compensation for the abuse. Our firm’s website is a good starting point for people who need more information about nursing home abuse.