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Dryer manufacturer sued for design defects in Pittsburgh fire

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Products Liability

Electrical home appliances are a staple of most U.S. households these days. Very few people would think of going back to a time of having to hand-wash items such as dishes or clothes, and clothes-lines are so uncommon, many younger readers might not even recognize the term. Yes, automatic washers and dryers are certainly ubiquitous in today’s world, whether it be at laundromats or in an individual’s home. Unfortunately, when one has an electrical appliance that is not designed or manufactured properly, a machine meant to be a help can turn into a danger without notice.

One Pittsburgh couple learned this when a dryer on their property allegedly caused a fire in 2015. According to the couple and their insurance company, which is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, the Electrolux appliance was defective, and the defects in the dryer caused fire damage to the property. The lawsuit indicates that the plaintiffs are claiming that the dryer had a design defect and was not inspected in accordance with industry standards before being sold in the consumer market.

Although it does not appear anyone was injured in this instance, the claimants are suing for over $150,000 in property damage that they say was caused by the fire. Though the case was filed last summer in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, it was transferred to the Western District of Pennsylvania last month.

While no one was hurt in this instance, home fires can be extremely dangerous, especially if they occur at night when families are sleeping. Appliances that involve electricity are especially liable to start such fires if not designed or made correctly, and such defects can lead to serious injury or death. Those who have suffered damage due to a defective product may wish to consider consulting an experienced Pittsburgh products liability attorney to discuss their legal options.

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