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Pennsylvania parents and doctor mistakes during delivery

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Birth Injury

Labor and delivery of a child is often difficult enough on parents in Pennsylvania, even without complicating factors. While complications do sometimes arise through no fault of the professionals attending the birth, how they react to such situations may have effects that can last for the entire life of the child being born. A wrong move, or failure to act when appropriate, can create a situation in which a child’s quality of life can be changed for his or her lifetime.

One major concern for Pennsylvania parents may be cases in which fetal distress occurs during labor and delivery. There can be several causes for fetal distress in the womb, and while the underlying cause may or may not be the fault of a doctor, failure to recognize the signs of it and take timely and medically appropriate action can have serious consequences. Fetal distress can cause a number of conditions in the child, including Erb’s Palsy and Cerebral Palsy. These conditions can alter the course of a newborn’s life.

Doctor mistakes do not only happen during labor. Failure to diagnose certain conditions during the course of a pregnancy, or failure to take appropriate medical action can also have devastating consequences. Edema and eclampsia are common pre-natal problems that are treatable, but can have life-threatening effects on both mother and child if unnoticed or untreated. Further, mistakes in medication, either by prescribing the wrong type or improper amounts, can lead to danger to the fetus and the mother.

It is a tragedy when the potential to live life is altered or cut short by a medical error. Experienced Pennsylvania birth injury attorneys have handled numerous cases in which parents and children have been compensated for their losses due to a doctor’s mistake. Using expert witnesses to evaluate the professional conduct of doctors in such situations, such lawyers do what they can to soften the blow that can be dealt by a birth injury.