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Dangerous children’s toys can cause serious injury

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Products Liability

When parents are expecting a child, they usually go into baby-proofing mode. Expecting mothers and fathers examine their home and car environments to determine what may be dangerous for a child. For example, many parents will put child-safety locks and devices on doors, electrical outlets and even toilets. This ‘baby-proofing’ behavior is meant to protect their child from the dangers that could potentially exist in the most unassuming of items.

Scarily for parents, this baby-proofing behavior cannot protect a child from all of the potential dangers in a home. For example, it has been discovered that the most unassuming of items that children interact with, like children’s toys, can cause injury and even death to a child. These dangerous children’s toys are not always obvious and can be dangerous for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes their are manufacturing, marketing or design defects associated with children’s toys that can cause injury or death.

At Savinis & Kane LLC, we take these dangerous children’s toys very seriously. This is because parents of young children may have had no reason to assume that a toy they let their child interact with could have caused their injury or death. Pennsylvania companies, and companies around the U.S., are expected to uphold a standard of safety in their products. If they failed to do this, and the injury was due to a products’ design defect, there could be ways to recover.

This safety of our children is always the number one priority. It is horrifying to think that a children’s toy manufacturer did not take every measure possible to prevent injury or death of a child. While this behavior is not intentional, it can have the same outcome. This is why products’ liability law exists, to right wrongs associated with defective products.