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March 2017 Archives

OSHA and Pennsylvania workplace deaths

Most people in the United States earn a living by working for someone else. In many cases, this means going to an office each day and possibly dealing with things like annoying co-workers or frustrating bosses. However, there are certain occupations in which hazards exist that put employees in danger on a daily basis. Whether it is working with hazardous materials, or around large equipment, or with potentially dangerous mediums such as electricity, some workers are at risk of serious injury or death if mistakes are made.

What kind of defective products may exist in Pennsylvania?

Being a consumer of manufactured products is an integral part of modern life in the United States. Unlike the Native Americans, and the European subsistence farmers who first settled parts of Pennsylvania, in the 21st century, most of us cannot rely only on those things we can make ourselves. This means we rely on the fact that when we purchase products with our hard-earned money, those items are safe and effective at whatever job they were intended to do. Because of this, a legal framework has arisen that is aimed at protecting consumers who purchase items placed into the stream of commerce.

Pennsylvania parents and doctor mistakes during delivery

Labor and delivery of a child is often difficult enough on parents in Pennsylvania, even without complicating factors. While complications do sometimes arise through no fault of the professionals attending the birth, how they react to such situations may have effects that can last for the entire life of the child being born. A wrong move, or failure to act when appropriate, can create a situation in which a child's quality of life can be changed for his or her lifetime.

Suit alleges hospital error caused fatal hemorrhage

When you enter a medical facility complaining of dizziness and weakness, you never think that such mild condition could result in death. A Pennsylvania woman walked into a Willow Grove facility complaining of these symptoms and just a short time later she passed away. The husband's wrongful death suit alleges that his wife died due to hospital negligence. This occurred when she was given an incorrect dosage of medication.

Improper staffing can lead to Pennsylvania nursing home neglect

The death of a loved one is never easy, even when that person may have been elderly or sick. However, when such a death may have been preventable, it is important to understand what may have caused the death, both to potentially seek redress, and to help society prevent future incidents from occurring. One type of preventable deaths come in the form of those due to nursing home neglect or abuse.

Pittsburgh mold deaths: hospital malpractice or product problem?

When people check into a hospital, they generally expect that all measures will be taken to care for them and try to get them well. They certainly do not expect to contract a fungal infection that may ultimately kill them. Unfortunately, that has what has happened in several Pittsburgh hospitals over the last few years. Now, there is a question as to whether the hospital or a linen company is responsible.

Dangerous children's toys can cause serious injury

When parents are expecting a child, they usually go into baby-proofing mode. Expecting mothers and fathers examine their home and car environments to determine what may be dangerous for a child. For example, many parents will put child-safety locks and devices on doors, electrical outlets and even toilets. This 'baby-proofing' behavior is meant to protect their child from the dangers that could potentially exist in the most unassuming of items.

Determining pecuniary injuries after a loved one's wrongful death

An accident can happen and can take the life of a loved one in an instant. While most people will never experience the harsh reality of this kind of incident, some Pittsburgh residents have to suffer with that reality. When someone dies in a sudden accident, like in a car accident or after a medical procedure, the jarring nature of the entire event can be very stressful. Beyond the actual emotional loss of the loved one, the surviving family member could also incur financial losses.