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February 2017 Archives

Pennsylvania man's work death due to lift, alleges wife

People who perform physical labor are always at a higher risk of injury than those that work in an office job. This is due to the inevitable situations that physical laborers may find themselves in during their work. For example, a man who worked for a tree-removal company in Pennsylvania was fatally wounded by a boom lift while he and a team of two other men operated a piece of equipment on the job. His wife is now seeking damages against the equipment company for the role it played in her husband's death.

How can the law help after a medical device injury?

Technology is the driving factor behind new and cutting-edge medical advances that can really improve the quality of life for everyone it touches. Some of this occurs in the medical industry in the form of medical devices. Items like defibrillators, medical implants and other medical devices can be incredibly effective in treating injuries and medical conditions. However, they can also cause unnecessary injury to the user.

Sudden and unexpected death of a loved one can be compensated

It is many people's worst fear; getting the news that a loved one has suddenly passed away. While it is true that accidents can happen that cause fatalities, some accidents are entirely preventable. This means that a person's death could have been avoided, had a person or a party taken the reasonable measure of care to prevent it. This can leave loved one's mourning and in a bad place financially after a loved one's death leaves them reeling.

Worsened medical condition can result after erroneous diagnosis

When it comes to medical care, most trust that their doctor or hospital will recommend and provide the best care possible. For most people, this is the result after a visit to a medical provider. But what happens when a person does not receive a satisfactory level of care? Could it result in a worsened medical condition?

Nursing home allegedly drops patient, causes injury and death

For many, nursing homes are a way to care for elderly loved ones when they are no longer able to care for themselves. An illness could render a loved one in this condition, as could an injury that makes it hard to them to take care of themselves. This is why so many turn to nursing homes to ensure that loved ones are getting the care and medical attention they need. Sometimes that care goes horribly wrong, as one family discovered prior to filing suit against a Pennsylvania nursing home.

Can an automobile's design defect be responsible for injury?

Car accidents happen every day on Pittsburgh roads. Most accidents are due to a driver's carelessness. In these cases, another person who is injured may be able to hold the negligent driver liable for his or her injuries. However, in some cases, an accident may not be entirely the fault of any driver.