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Nursing home abuse could lead to nursing home death

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Nursing Home Deaths

When people choose a nursing home or assisted living facility for their loved ones, they expect only the best in care. Whatever their loved one suffers with, whether it be dementia, physical disability or even a combination of the two, there are assisted living facilities claiming to be of service. While most care facilities are professional and reliable, some do not properly care for their residents. This can result in nursing home abuse, or even death.

All nursing homes owe a duty of care to their residents. There are many ways that they can breach this duty of care that directly causes injuries to the nursing home residents. Some nursing home residents and their families have experienced this first-hand. A legal claim can be brought against a Pittsburgh assisted living facility when nursing home abuse is suspected and a resident was injured due to that negligence.

Poorly trained workers and inadequate staffing are common reasons for nursing home abuse or neglect claims. The facility itself is to blame if they do not provide the proper equipment or adequate staffing for the number of residents, or medical needs of the residents. Proving that this factored into a nursing home resident’s injury or death is key to recovering damages. Connecting the dots of nursing home activity and the corresponding injuries can result from a full investigation.

Hopefully, cases of nursing home abuse will dwindle until they disappear completely. Until then, there are ways to attempt to remedy the damages that such instances can cause. Most families will never know the horrors of nursing home injury. For those who believe they have been wronged, there are legal options available.

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