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January 2017 Archives

Hospital negligence possible after patient suffers medical injury

When a person is injured or ill, the first thought is to go to the hospital to get medical care. That's why it is so ironic, that a person can actually be injured at a hospital or due to medical staff negligence. Who do you turn to then? In short, you find a competent medical provider and then you look at your legal options.

Fetal distress can cause Erb's palsy, cerebral palsy

Many expecting parents have a lot of excitement when they think about their baby's due date. The baby's room is prepped, the labor bag is packed and it seems like all a couple needs is a newborn baby. But what if the mother's birth plan doesn't go as anticipated? There are times when fetal distress can cause permanent injury to the newborn chid.

Two of Pittsburgh's UPMC medical malpractice suits have settled

When it comes to hospitals, medical staff and insurance a medical ailment can seem dizzying with all of the paperwork, appointments and follow-ups. It can be easy to feel lost in the shuffle of such a large organization all providing a different aspect of the healthcare process. Normally, the process works effectively in a way that provides the healthcare that a patient needs. However, sometimes things go amiss and when unhappy patients start to dig into the cause, they come up with negligent acts they never even imagined.

Is gross negligence possible after medical error caused injury?

It is true that our healthcare system is one of the best in the world. However, we are humans and thus, mistakes will happen. Some mistakes are minor, some missing paperwork, a forgotten prescription perhaps? However, there are big errors that are easy to spot and can cause irreparable damage to the patient. Some of these errors are so plain to see, we can't believe a doctor or other medical professional would make them.

We know how a products liability suit can change lives

With the influx of technology and manufacturing over the decades, we have hundreds of thousands of products available for purchase and use. Most operate safely and effectively without incident. However, occasionally a product malfunctions in a way that can lead to personal injury. There are ways to place a manufacturer or company liable for injuries caused by their defective products. The legal theory behind this is known as products liability.

Nursing home abuse could lead to nursing home death

When people choose a nursing home or assisted living facility for their loved ones, they expect only the best in care. Whatever their loved one suffers with, whether it be dementia, physical disability or even a combination of the two, there are assisted living facilities claiming to be of service. While most care facilities are professional and reliable, some do not properly care for their residents. This can result in nursing home abuse, or even death.