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Potentially recoverable damages after PA workplace injury

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Work-Related Deaths

Believe it or not, there are some Pennsylvania workers who work in unsafe or hazardous working conditions. Despite the danger, many of them return to their families every night after a hard day’s work. Some, however, are not so lucky. Depending on the nature and severity of the unsafe working conditions, the employer could be legally liable for injuries or death of a worker.

Depending of the industry, there are infinite number of ways an employer could be found liable for negligence after a worker’s injury or death. Some accidents in workplaces do not have a negligent party responsible for the injuries in a way that is compensable through a personal injury lawsuit. However, it is sometimes true that a worker’s injuries could have been avoided had safety precautions or training been in place.

The question is, what should a worker do about an employee’s negligence or even blatant disregard for their safety that led to workplace injury? While workers’ compensation is usually available regardless of the circumstances, some employers need to be held accountable in personal injury court. Seeking damages for future medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life and lost earning capacity are real damages that can affect a worker’s life and his or her family’s life for years to come. Recovering what one has lost after a negligent party put a worker in harm’s way is only right if the workplace injury was caused by the employer’s negligence.

The majority of workers today will never know how an avoidable work injury can affect the worker and their family. For the unlucky few, legal recourse is available to offset accident-related damages. Medical care, lost wages and other financial expenses can add up after a catastrophic work injury. Compensation through legal action will never change what happened in the workplace, but it can change the outlook for the future.

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