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Nursing home deaths due to negligence should not go unaddressed

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Nursing Home Deaths

Nursing homes are meant to be a place of reprieve for the elderly and their family members. Since so many elderly spend time in a nursing home before the end of their life, many people pass away in nursing homes. Most deaths are due to natural causes. However, sometimes nursing home deaths are suspicious or could have even possibly been prevented.

These nursing home deaths may be attributable to negligence on behalf of the nursing home, nursing home staff or a related third-party. There are many things that could potentially go wrong in a nursing home that could cause a loved one’s unexpected death. A medication error could result in a premature death, a fall due to improper use of equipment and even improper bathing and grooming could cause a fatal infection.

Nursing homes have been found in the past to be understaffed, or under-prepared in terms of medical technology or appropriate living standards. As legal counsel on hundreds of cases, Savinis & Kane LLC can help to determine what caused a loved one’s nursing home death and if it could be connected to negligent behavior or nursing home abuse. We can help to determine the specifics of your loved one’s death to determine if it qualifies for a personal injury case.

Whatever the suspicion, we are open to hearing about your concern related to a loved one’s nursing home death. It may not be immediately clear the factors underlying a loved one’s death. It can take a full investigation to determine these factors. Once determined, a case can potentially be built that seeks damages for wrongful death. Our firm’s website has additional information about the legal aspects of these kinds of cases.