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December 2016 Archives

Ikea ordered to pay $50M after children crushed by dresser

There are few things more horrifying than the senseless death of a child. Ikea had been named negligent in a lawsuit surrounding 3 young boys deaths when they were crushed to death by their dresser. Every terrifying story was eerily similar when each boy's parent had purchased the dresser for their room, only to later find them crushed under its weight. One boy and his family resided near Pittsburgh and the suit was later brought against Ikea in the state of Pittsburgh, although the families resided from around the country.

Popular pregnancy drug could cause birth injury?

When people in Pittsburgh think of a birth injury, they first usually think of some distress that occurs during the delivery that causes injury to the infant. While this does happen, there are other reasons behind a birth injury that can happen at any point from conception to gestation to labor. Sometimes pregnant women take drugs as prescribed by their doctor while pregnant. However, these drugs can have side-effects that result in a birth injury.

Nursing home deaths due to negligence should not go unaddressed

Nursing homes are meant to be a place of reprieve for the elderly and their family members. Since so many elderly spend time in a nursing home before the end of their life, many people pass away in nursing homes. Most deaths are due to natural causes. However, sometimes nursing home deaths are suspicious or could have even possibly been prevented.

Potentially recoverable damages after PA workplace injury

Believe it or not, there are some Pennsylvania workers who work in unsafe or hazardous working conditions. Despite the danger, many of them return to their families every night after a hard day's work. Some, however, are not so lucky. Depending on the nature and severity of the unsafe working conditions, the employer could be legally liable for injuries or death of a worker.

Questions raised about increase in PA spinal fusion surgery

The abundance of medical treatments and prescriptions available to treat a wide variety of medical ailments are more advanced than ever before. While this is generally a positive thing, it does leave room for the potential of abusing or over-prescribing a type of medicine or treatment plan. Recently, questions were raised by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when certain medical statistics came to light that raised red-flags about the treatment prescribed by physicians. Patients have also come forward to discuss their personal experiences with a type of back treatment called spinal fusion surgery.

Can medical devices play a role in medical malpractice?

Technology is at the center of many of our lives in Pittsburgh today. Much of technology has improved our quality of life, and this includes technology utilized in the medical device and drug industry. Many medical devices have been invented within the last several decades that doctors and patients use to treat various ailments. However, sometime these devices do not perform as they should, or the device is mishandled by hospital or medical staff.