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Infant’s injury due to delivery mistake, potentially compensable

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Birth Injury

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Something has gone amiss during the delivery of your child and it has affected the child’s health. After such an injury, it can be very unclear what the long-term injuries and effects may be. Ensuring that your infant has access to top-notch medical care is crucial immediately following the incident. If you suspect that this injury was avoidable by doctors, nurses or other related parties, you may want to learn more about how birth injuries can qualify for personal injury suits.

To treat a child’s birth injury, you have likely contacted some of the best doctors in the field. Depending on what a child is suffering from, there is a range of long-term injury prognoses that a child could be facing. Shoulder dystocia is one such ailment that can happen when undue stress is put on a child’s neck and shoulders during delivery. It is possible that this stress the baby suffered could have been avoided, perhaps by an alternative delivery method such as a C-section.

The doctors one may be consulting with after infant injury due to a delivery mistake may be some of the same that you consult with when investigating a personal injury claim after an alleged delivery mistake. These medical experts can help to confirm suspicions that one may have about a doctor’s action or inaction during gestation, labor or delivery. One key to proving negligence in a medical malpractice case is whether or not a similar medical professional would have made the same decisions or drawn the same conclusions during the medical incident. This is a crucial portion of the medical malpractice process and can determine the outcome of a personal injury suit after a birth injury.

There are a range of injuries and incidents that could qualify for a personal injury suit on behalf of an injured infant after a delivery mistake. Mistakes do happen, and they happen with delicate and innocent infants involved. Compensation that a family receives in a birth injury suit can help pay medical expenses and other related expenses when raising an injured or impaired child.

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