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Products’ liability can put burden of injury on PA manufacturer

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Products Liability

Consumer products are subjected to a number of tests and trials before they are released for consumer use. Despite this thorough and rigorous testing, some products are still in a defective condition, usually unbeknownst to regulating industries, the company itself or most importantly, the consumer. Although there is usually no malicious intent on behalf of companies that are accused of a products liability suit, this is irrelevant. Those injured due to a dangerous or defective product can explore their rights under products’ liability law.

There are many ways that a Pittsburgh resident can be subjected to a defective or dangerous product that results in personal injury. Under products’ liability law, most consumer injuries occur as a result of manufacturing defects, design defects or marketing defects. While the classification of type of defect is important to the case, sometimes it can be difficult at first glance which type of product defect is responsible for injury. At Savinis Damico and Kane, we have spent years examining products liability cases and preparing them for trial.

Most commonly, products’ liability cases are seen in cases of automobile accident, faulty work equipment and even toxic exposure. Whatever the specifics, the bottom line is that a product for consumer use has either malfunctioned or failed to warn about potential misuse that resulted in personal injury. Loved one’s medical bills after an unexpected tire blow-out or work accident injury can be tremendous. Understanding how products liability can hold a manufacturer responsible is key to beginning the process for seeking reparations.

The majority of Pittsburgh residents will never experience the misfortune that a dangerous product can bring. While this can be seen as mostly a positive, it can leave those who have never experienced an incident with a dangerous product, wondering what to do next. People do not have to be an expert in products’ liability law to seek damages after an injury sustained to them or a loved one. Savinis, Damico and Cain represent those afflicted by dangerous products to help those that have suffered wrongs.