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Seek justice after a loved one’s wrongful death

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2016 | Wrongful Death

There is nothing that can compare to the shock of that phone call, text or whichever way one receives the news that a loved one has been in a terrible accident. Sometimes the person, despite all the odds against them, pulls through. Other times, the injured isn’t so lucky. After the immediate shock wears off, many family members wonder where to go from here?

If there is even the smallest suspicion that a loved one’s unexpected death was due to a fatal accident, this is worth pursuing. Accidents can happen in which one or more parties’ actions directly or indirectly caused or resulted in a loved one’s death. Since parties like drivers, businesses and other related parties owe a duty of care to the average person, that duty can be breached. If that breach of duty resulted in the death of a loved one, this is grounds for a wrongful death suit.

At Savinis Damico & Kane LLC, your concerns about your loved one’s wrongful death are our concerns. We have helped countless clients recover in a way that was beneficial for their family after such a harrowing tragedy. There is nothing a family can do to bring their loved one back which is such a sad statement. However, there is a way to make a family’s financial future more secure if someone is at fault for a loved one’s wrongful death in a fatal accident.

While most will ever question a person’s intentions after a fatal accident, understand that the defense may try to poke holes in your accusation that a party was responsible for a fatal accident. Understanding the defense’s possible strategy for disregarding evidence and testimony is part of the process.