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August 2016 Archives

PA judge awards mother of lost twins $4.25 million

Many medical malpractice suits settle out of court and the settlements are not made public. However, recently a Pennsylvania judge ruled against disclosing a recent PA woman's settlement because the public's right to know outweighed the defenses concerns. With that, it was released that the woman suing a Pennsylvania hospital for medical malpractice won because of an error on behalf of hospital and staff. This settlement, while large, is a bitter-sweet moment for the family after a horrifying error caused the death of the woman's unborn twins.

Informed consent and medical malpractice claims

Have you ever actually read those medical waivers you sign before a doctor or hospital administers care? Of course not, it's all a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, and if someone needs medical care, it's likely they need it sooner rather than later. Regardless of what the administrative forms are telling you, it's the hospital's duty to administer them prior to treatment. In the same way, it is a doctor's duty to explain his treatment plan and address any and all complications that could arise from such care.

What medical action could cause a child's birth injury?

A newborn child is so tiny and precious. With all of the advances in modern medicine today, infant mortality and injury is down to a small percentage in the U.S. However, because of the inherently dangerous act of giving birth, birth injuries still happen. Some of these injuries are not avoidable, simply something unavoidable went wrong during the birth that caused the injury. But, these injuries are avoidable when a Pennsylvanian child is in the care of a doctor or hospital staff member.

Seek justice after a loved one's wrongful death

There is nothing that can compare to the shock of that phone call, text or whichever way one receives the news that a loved one has been in a terrible accident. Sometimes the person, despite all the odds against them, pulls through. Other times, the injured isn't so lucky. After the immediate shock wears off, many family members wonder where to go from here?

Unnecessary surgeries alleged by patients of Pennsylvania doctors

Most people trust their doctors unequivocally, and for good reason. However, unsettling claims have been made about a group of doctors accused of Pennsylvania medical malpractice in relation to unnecessary and dangerous surgeries performed at UPMC hospital. The suit alleges that a dozen doctors practicing at UPMC recommended and performed overly complex surgeries that cost more than less aggressive treatments. Some of the surgeries resulted in serious and life-long injury for the patients.

Gun injury due to defects and product liability

Guns have been a hot topic in the news as the country is nearing the next presidential election. Regardless of which side one may fall on, the right to bear arms is still upheld as a constitutional right. But, the dangers of a gun does not only exist at the end of the barrel. Rather, just like any other product, guns can cause injuries due to some type of product defect. And, the type of law that compensates those injured by defective products, including guns, is called product liability, which is an area of company negligence under Pennsylvania law.

Can work-related deaths qualify for a wrongful death suit?

Most everyone has to work a regular job in order to support themselves or their family financially. This is a fact of life for most Pittsburgh residents, so that's why it is so awful to hear when a resident in our community died why working on the job. This can happen any number of ways, especially considering the number of professions and the variations of work that could be performed by a worker. Most often, work-related deaths occur in a traffic accident.