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Medical malpractice: a preventable Pittsburgh tragedy?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

When the average Pennsylvanian thinks about preventable tragedies, most think of car accidents. This is for good reason, many lawmakers have spoked about driving Pennsylvania roads to zero deaths. But, what about other preventable areas of personal injury? We believe that medical malpractice is a preventable area of injury and fatality that should be considered avoidable.

This is because medical malpractice claims are, by their nature, avoidable. Preventable medical errors are responsible for as many as 195,000 deaths in U.S. hospitals every year.

Imagine the thousands of others who were likely injured or given a worsened medical condition after a hospital visit. This number is unacceptable, and for those who believe they are victims of this tragedy, there is ways to recuperate for losses you or a loved one has suffered after an unwanted medical ailment is believed to be the responsibility of a hospital, doctor or medically related third-party.

The list of potential injuries and their corresponding causers is literally endless for consideration as a medical malpractice case. Essentially, the hospital or doctor did not practice a standard of care acceptable in similar situations and that direct choice or action caused harm to a patient.

At Savinis, Damico and Kane, we take these accusations seriously and will do everything in our power to ensure our client’s receive a favorable outcome. Our hope is that medical malpractice decisions will one day make medical error injury and fatality a thing of the past.

While we may be a long way off from that particular goal, everyone has to start somewhere. If one has suffered injury at the hands of medical professionals, they should assert their right to justice. Only by standing up to an aggressor or oppressor will change ever being to happen. It starts with the victims and their families so that they can recover for their losses.