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PA’s Monroe County nursing homes receive below average rating

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Nursing Home Deaths

Many people are aware of how helpful and necessary nursing homes can be for loved one’s in their golden years. Most residents of nursing homes have good experience and feel comfortable at their new place of residency. However, some are not so lucky and experience neglectful, negligent or abusive situations that threaten their health. Recently, Pennsylvania’s Monroe County’s nursing homes were given a below average rating in comparison to the quality of nursing homes across the state.

According to Medicare’s report, on average, the four Monroe County nursing homes included in the ratings are below state and national averages for quality. PA’s Whitestone, Golden Living Center in Stroud Township, Pleasant Valley Manor and Brookmont Healthcare received an average score of 1.75 out of five in Overall Rating from inspections in the past three years — 2013 to 2015. There have been dozens of complaints and hundreds of health deficiencies reported at these facilities over the same time span. The nursing home facilities especially struggled in the category of ‘health inspections’ where they scored a one across the board.

Besides these statistics, several of the named facilities are facing medical liability lawsuits. The specifics were not given, however, this is not a good sign for quality of care at these facilities. Regardless of the specific nature of these lawsuits, it can be assumed that a person is facing hardship for some reason after arriving at any of these facilities. Loved ones of nursing home residents understand how hard this decision can be. An injury to a loved one at a nursing home facility is pretty much any family’s worst nightmare.

Hopefully, these issues can be resolved in a way that is best for the injured and their family. These statistics are concerning, especially since these nursing home residents at these facilities could be loved ones, neighbors or friends. The statistics really point to the inconsistencies in some nursing home facilities. If a nursing home death or injury occurs at one of these facilities, understand who could potentially be responsible for a loved one’s injury.

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